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Inspired by the pedagogical philosophy of Shinichi Suzuki, Ottawa Suzuki Strings provides a learning environment for children that encourages and supports them in their pursuit of personal excellence, and that nurtures the development of their musical abilities and also their human spirit.


Ottawa Suzuki Strings is a music school characterized by a culture of innovation in training and development.  The school aspires to become widely recognized for the quality of its pedagogy, and for the achievements of its students and faculty.

Our school has an inclusive culture, where students are encouraged to strive for personal excellence.  We seek to create opportunities for all children, including those who face specific challenges.

In the practice of our teaching, and in our operations as a school, we will nurture strong parent-teacher-student relationships with close ties to the community.  We undertake to foster, recognize and appreciate the contributions and achievements of our members.  We will support our members’ development through an active program of individual and group study and performance.


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Board of Directors

OSS Board members, effective November 13, 2017:

Bill Absi
Ammar Gharbi
Meenakshi Gupta (Vice-President)
Anna Katra
Paul Keen
Marina Kun
John Royle (President, Acting Treasurer)
Francine Schutzmann (Secretary)

Advisory (non-voting) Board Members:

Elaine Klimasko (Artistic Director)
Jerry Csaba

Letter from the President of OSS

Dear OSS Parents, Teachers, and other Corporation Members,

The Annual General Meeting of Ottawa Suzuki Strings was held on Monday, November 13, 2017. Thank you to those of you who attended and participated at the meeting, as well as to those who completed Proxy forms.

See below for some of the information about the meeting, including a draft copy of the Meeting Minutes, and the Financial Report for the previous fiscal year, which was approved at the meeting.

Yours truly,

John Royle
President, Ottawa Suzuki Strings