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When: Monday June 5, 2017, 6:15-8:30pm
Where: Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Avenue
What to Expect: Hear individual group performances and the powerful effect of the entire school joining together to make music, from the Pre-Twinkle students to Stellae Boreales, OSS’ senior violin performance ensemble. Meet the gifted faculty of Ottawa Suzuki Strings during the Potluck following the Playdown.

Visit from Maestro Alexander Shelley

Teacher’s Corner:  by Nan Laurenzio

On Monday, March 20, Ottawa Suzuki Strings had the distinct pleasure of hosting the music director of the National Arts Centre, Maestro Alexander Shelley. Maestro Shelley carved time out of his extremely busy schedule to come to OSS and meet the children in our school, from the beginning Book 1 students to our advanced performance groups. It was quite special to see Maestro Shelley work his magic.

I had the privilege of watching Maestro Shelley as he led some very engaging discussions with the Rhythmic Reading students, singing with them to help them understand how vital phrasing is. He spoke about the role of the conductor and how a conductor’s role is like being the driver of a race car as well as the mechanic who has to fine tune and tweak the engine to get it to go where he wants it to go. He explained how a conductor can help the orchestra create something unique and beautiful by studying and understanding what the composer intended for the music. Maestro Shelley met with our guitar students and with a violin group class and the Fine Tuners before joining Stellae Boreales on stage with more of his dynamic conducting.

The National Arts Centre and, in fact Ottawa, is very fortunate to have someone like Alexander Shelley at the helm who is inspired to make music accessible and is interested in youth being engaged in music. 2017 will be an awesome time to introduce your children to one of the upcoming NAC concerts. You will see concerts built around themes, and visuals complementing music, there will be opportunities to hear modern Canadian composers and beloved classical composers as well as combinations of all genres of music.

I have included a link to an excellent Ottawa Citizen article that includes not only an interesting biography of Alexander Shelley but also a great explanation, with video clips, of his task of conducting (Conducting 101) and a little about his philosophy of music and his vision for music in Ottawa.


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Below – a copy the blog from our previous site, some nice memories from the recent past:

The Playdown held on June 2nd, 2014 at Woodroffe High School

Pre-Twinkle Group:






Cello/Viola French Folk Song:






Carmen Medley (Bizet)









Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (Handel)
Serenade (Schubert)








Book 4
Concerto in A minor, 3rd movement (Vivaldi)


Book 3
Gavotte (Martini)








Book 2
Minuet (Boccherini)
The Two Grenadiers
Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus








Book 1
Minuet 1







Long, Long Ago (in D)
Lightly Row (2 verses, in D)








Lightly Row
Grashopper Twinkle



























Twinkle Theme (in D)



Photos of the Stellae Boreales and the Fine Tuners from the Kiwanis Festival, April, 2014

1. Junior Performance Group B – The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba







2. Junior Performance Group – Finish Tango







3. Stellae Boreales Intermediate Group – Can Can








4. Stellae Boreales Senior Group – Concerto for Four Violins in C Major







5. Stellae Boreales Senior Group – Concerto for Four Violins in C Major 1








6. Stellae Boreales Senior Group – Concerto for Four Violins in C Major 2








7. Stellae Boreales Senior Group – Concerto for Four Violins in C Major 3



2013 Kiwanis Competition Congratulations

Congratulations to all of our Ottawa Suzuki Strings Kiwanis competitors!
Jae Won Seo and teacher Elaine Klimasko  Advanced Strings Trophy Winner – Kinsmen Club Shield
Alisa Klebanov and teacher Rosemarie Klimasko Senior Strings Trophy Winner –  Edythe Young Brown Trophy
Evan Ren and teacher Serhii Vyhovskyi

More Competion Results

Jae Won, (student of Elaine Klimasko)

  • Qualified for the CMC National Competition Final Competition – Advanced Level

Senior Division – Strings

Simi-Sutton Pollock (student of Rosemarie Klimasko)

  • Laurentian Chapter IODE Scholarship
  • Invited to participate in 2012 Kiwanis Provincial Competition Gr. 9 Level

Alisa, (student of Rosemarie Klimasko)

  • Ida Blander Memorial Scholarship

Junior / Intermediate Division – Strings

Ethan,  (student of Rosemarie Klimasko)

  • Betts Family Scholarship

OSS 2012 Kiwanis Congratulations

Congratulations to all of our Ottawa Suzuki Strings Kiwanis Festival competitors! In particular, well done Kiwanis Senior Strings trophy winner, Jerry, pictured below with teacher Elaine Klimasko.

OSS 2011 Kiwanis Highlights

Winner of George Piers Trophy for Junior Strings: Delia Li (studio teacher Serhii Vyhovskyi)

Students forwarded to Provincial Finals: (from left) Jerry Wang (Senior), Maria-Sophia Pera (Intermediate), Evan Ren (Intermediate), Jae-Won Seo (Advanced)