The Ottawa Suzuki Strings (OSS) music school is proud to offer a bursary fund and scholarship fund (see details below). As we depend upon the good will of our community to replenish the amounts available for awards, we urge anyone interested to direct a donation to either the bursary or scholarship fund.

We achieve our mission through

• using a method inspired by the pedagogical philosophy of Shinichi Suzuki
• providing a well-balanced learning experience
• working with a well-trained faculty
• offering private and group lessons
• including various string instruments – violin, viola, cello, guitar and voice
• encouraging performances for various age groups

To complete this mission, we count on the generous donation of the community members, and the parents of the students attending the school.

Options to Donate
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By giving to OSS, you are contributing to enriching the lives and musicianship of the children. Your gift will increase our students' and faculty members' ability to strengthen the musical community in the National Capital region.

OSS Bursary Fund

This is to be available to new students as well as existing ones. The overall goal of this fund is to enable very promising students to attend the school that would not otherwise be able to because of financial constraints.

Those interested in applying for a bursary should write to the school administrator. Applications can be submitted any time.

Rosemarie Klimasko Scholarship Fund

Scholarships from this fund will be awarded only to existing OSS students who:
• have a good history of attending group classes
• eagerly commit to our concerts in the community
• demonstrate leadership skills and camaraderie with their peers in group classes and outside venues
• exhibit sound practice habits in the studio and fine performances in studio recitals

Scholarships will be awarded once a year towards the end of the OSS school year. Those interested in applying for a scholarship should write to the school administrator at school administrator.