Teacher’s Corner     by Elaine Klimasko

As I regularly perform on stage with the National Arts Centre Orchestra, I search the audience to see if there are any familiar faces and to see if young students are present to hear these fine musicians and famous soloists. I am often saddened at how few children attend live concerts to have this important experience in a beautiful concert hall. It is festive, celebratory, stimulating and thrilling!. Real people perform for them in a gala setting. The orchestra talks to the audience through the music.This is what makes dreams come true for these children. It’s no longer just the repetition of a difficult passage in their Book 2 piece but, rather, something that they can aspire to! My father regularly took me to live concerts from the age of five and they are the most exciting and wonderful memories I have as a young student of the violin. I wanted to be on the stage too and play all these great pieces with other musicians. I can honestly say that attending concerts as a child was the defining factor in me becoming a professional musician. Families are so busy these days but please find and take time to look through the National Arts Centre Orchestra season brochure and pick a few concerts to attend. Get dressed up, go out for dessert after and make it a special event. You might be very surprised and thrilled at your child’s reaction.

I’ll look for you from the stage and wave if I see you.