Teacher’s Corner by Sara Mastrangelo

Being a part of Ottawa Suzuki Strings is the best gift you can give your child.  In particular, I would like to focus on one aspect of being a part of Suzuki program, which is the benefits of performing.  Performing is a regular part of each child’s life when part of a Suzuki program .  It is a “normal” thing to get up in front of a large group of people, acknowledge your audience and play something by heart which you have worked on for several months.  It is “normal” to be expected to memorize short, then increasingly more complex, difficult and longer pieces as one grows up.  It is “normal” to have a group of friends that you grow up with and maintain friendships with.  Three years ago, I attended a wedding of one of these special friends who I grew up with.  We were Suzuki violin buddies.    It is “normal” to spend minutes, then gradually hours working on your craft.  It is “normal” to feel that special sense of accomplishment and pride and belonging with your peers because of your involvement with your instrument and the Suzuki program.  It is also “normal” to sense no fear when making speeches in front of hundreds or thousands of people (thanks  Toastmasters, I have never attended one of your meetings).  It is also “normal” that Suzuki kids end up being leaders and world-shapers, successful at whatever they do. Growing up on stage has a way of doing that.