by Adam T.
Day 3
To plunge into our brand-new day, we ate a satisfactory breakfast. Although most of the items were sweet, it was filling enough for a few hours until we would eat a lunch. After breakfast, we practiced our Stellae repertoire for about an hour and a half for our upcoming concert at the Villa Casa Central. Following the rehearsal, many of Stellae’s performers practiced their pieces to improve on what was reviewed during the rehearsal.
By high noon it was time for lunch. All of us walked to a plaza to eat and look around. We all ate delicious tacos and quesadillas from a taco stand called Urban Taco. While we were eating, many piegeons lurked around us, attempting to take our food. Fortunately, Austin bravely fended them off with his grande muscles. Felix then proceeded to befriend a particular pigeon. Both Felix and the pigeon felt a deep connection between eachother. Felix named his newly found soulmate Pigeon. They had their sweet honeymoon next to our table, in which we were eating at. After their honeymoon and our tacos, we continued our adventure and discovered a marvelous ice cream shop, Freddo.  The ice cream was so delicious almost as if it were fit for a king, making all of us want more. Unfortunately we had to head back to the hotel.
Arriving back at the hotel, we had some free time. Many of us proceeded to enjoy the beautiful weather in their outdoor pool. Devon, walking out onto the balcony for some fresh air, observed people swimming in the pool, while engaging in a conversation with those above and below his floor. Austin, Aaron, Adam, Felix and Joel explored the rest of the hotel as they ran up several flights of stairs. At the peak of the paramount, we came across the gym and strolled inside. Checking out the exercise equipment, to our amazement, we discovered that Austin really is the strongest of us. Lifting 200 pounds with his legs, Austin proved to us that he is superior. Some of the Stellae ladies swam in the pool, whereas others took time to relax, read and rehearse. By 3:00 everyone was preparing to head out for the performance at Villa Casa Central.
Being greeted by many police officers, we entered la Villa Casa Central. After fifteen minutes of practicing, we were ready to preform at the best of our abilities. The Canadian ambassador also came to see us while we were practicing. Entering the stage, Joel noticed both of our bus drivers in the audience. The ambassador introduced us as a Canadian chamber music ensemble and we began our concert. The concert as a whole was not perfect but it was adequate. We all played our hearts out and our notes were filled with zeal, emotion and affection, hypnotizing the audience in an unbreakable, yet beautiful trance. After the performance was over, there was a reception in the main hall with cake, and soda. A young girl signaled Joel to come over. She quickly spoke a few words in Spanish. Unfortunately, no hablo espanol :(. Flustered by this, Joel quicky asked Sofi to come over to translate. She then helped the young girl follow us, Stellae Boreales, on Facebook. Before heading out to the buses, two girls came up to Austin to take a picture. After many seconds of intense scientific analysis, we concluded that Austin’s GRANDE muscles were the cause for the girls’ attention. Leaving la Villa Casa Central we left a great impression on the audience, creating unforgettable memories.
On arrival to the hotel, we found out we couldn’t eat at the hotel. Instead, we walked two blocks and ended up at a restaurant named Nucha. The restaurant was very clean and the staff was nice. 10/10 on TripAdvisor. In addition, the food was absolutely heart-warming. They were serving beef, chicken and something else. It was so well cooked that we all cried in joy. Also, the guys had another great conversation, talking about Austin’s GRANDE muscles. For dessert there was apple cake, lemon cake and some chocolate thingy, joined by strong shots of espresso. By 9:30, everyone was still up so we all grouped in Alan’s room to play CAH. We can all agree it was a good time but the joy ended shortly when the parents told us to go to bed (feels bad man) :(. By then everyone seemed to be tired so they headed back to their rooms to recharge for another day.
All in all, the day was great. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the food was absolutely amazing. It was a day full of fun, laughter, exploration and Austin’s GRANDE muscles. Last but not least we would all like to thank the chaperones and our coaches for a great time so far. We are all looking forwards to a new dawn and creating more unforgettable experiences.