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The Parent-Teacher-Student Triangle

In the Suzuki Triangle, we work together as a team. The teacher combines instrumental knowledge with their absolute passion for children and the parent brings an unwavering commitment to give their child the gift of music. Best of all, the child brings curiosity and excitement.  What makes this Suzuki triangle so successful? It is the fact that not one side of the triangle is dominant.

The parent’s role is the most diverse, advocating for their child at all times, in all places. In our Suzuki world, you participate as the go-between the teacher and the child, and you ultimately determine whether both succeed.  Parents are present in both lessons and group classes.  They sit close so they can see what is being taught, taking notes, photos and videos.  Attentive parents vitalize the process, invigorating both teacher and child.  Parents continue the learning process by participating in their children’s home practice.  Parents often remain part of the triangle even into the early teen years and beyond.


School Year

Ottawa Suzuki Strings’ (OSS) school year is 37 weeks beginning Labour Day and ending the first full week of June, with 2 weeks off for Winter break and one week off for the March break.  The schedule for the year is maintained on the Google calendar on this website.

Private Lessons

Ottawa Suzuki Strings teachers offer private lessons in violin and guitar from their homes in the National Capital Region. Lessons are scheduled at a time agreed upon between the parent and teacher. Lessons duration will depend on the child, starting at 15 to 30 minutes and increasing in 15 minute increments as the student advances..

Group Class

Students learn how to play their instruments together in fun-filled, energetic classes building patience, focus and friendships along the way. Group classes are held Monday nights at Woodroffe High School from 6:15-8:30 pm, with performances on the last Monday nights of December and May.  Beginners in the Pre-Twinkler group finish by 6:55 pm, while older students will stay for both theory and longer rehearsals.

Beginner Group

When young children learn new words they repeat them over and over until they become the basis of verbal communication.  Suzuki pieces are acquired in the same way – repetition reinforces their new musical vocabulary.  In group classes, students learn to perform familiar pieces at a moment’s notice, providing a boost to their confidence.  Beginners – we call them PreTwinklers – participate in an instrumental group which includes ‘Rhythmic Reading’ and some basic theory.  The Beginner Group classes are held from 6:15 to 6:55 pm.

Junior Performance Groups

Ottawa Suzuki Strings have two Junior Performance Groups: Fine Tuners (violin) and Guitar Performance Group (guitar).  Qualified students hone their ensemble playing skills in unison, playing and memorizing music in 2 and 3 parts. Coaches encourage students to start leading themselves within sections. These groups rehearse for 1.5 hours and are a stepping stone to the Senior Performance Groups.

Senior Performance Groups

Ottawa Suzuki Strings offers both a senior violin performance group – Stellae Boreales – and an advanced Guitar Performance Group.  Stellae Boreales has toured both nationally and internationally, including visits to China, Argentina, New York, Iceland, Washington, Cuba, Minneapolis, Stratford ON and Victoria BC. The GPG performs throughout the National Capital Region. Both of these ensembles rehearse for 2 hours with coaches but the students lead themselves in performance.

Music Theory

Ottawa Suzuki Strings offers theory classes as part of the Monday night group class programs, which enhance students’ musical development at every level. These courses range from the most basic Rhythmic Reading to the Royal Conservatory of Music Level 7.


Community Performances

Ottawa Suzuki Strings has a vibrant presence in the community presenting performances at various venues including the National Arts Centre, Ottawa International Children’s Festival, Kiwanis Music Festival, Music & Beyond, Libraries, Embassies and Seniors’ Residences. Students perform with piano in two OSS private studio recitals in winter and spring.  Preparing for these special events motivate the students to practice, while dressing in their concert attire develops their self-confidence and pride.


Are you interested in starting or continuing your child in Suzuki music instruction?

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