by Joel L.

Day 4
We started the day with breakfast at the hotel before having rehearsal at 9:00. Our rehearsal was supposed to be outside, but unfortunately the winds were too strong, thus we had to move indoors instead. During the rehearsal we reviewed mistakes that happend during yesterday’s performance. After the rehearsal, we returned to our rooms to prepare for lunch. When Joel, Adam and Aaron had opened their door to their room, we were greeted by a room service maid, spewing spanish like fire. All the boys were flustured so Adam said: NO HABLO ESPAÑOL!!! She responded in spanish. Afraid that we were inturupting we left the room. Later, we left for lunch at 11:45. We headed to nucha for an exquisite pasta lunch. During our time there, we had the pleasure of listening to Felix sing the Chinese anthem.
After lunch we headed back to the hotel before embarking on our 6 hour long tour of the city. The buses arrived at 1:00 and thus we started our 6 hour journey. While on the bus, our tour guide explained the city’s system. We learned about how few people live in Buenos Aires. Instead many of the people on the streets are from outside the city.  Our first stop was Rosedal park. There we saw a variety of life forms, from enourmous trees to beutiful wildlife and plants. Taking advatage of our time there, we explored numerous places in the park. We attempted to talk to the ducks but unfortunately no hablo español. After the great scenery and life, we headed to the pilar church. There we admired the large amount of traditional christian art while maintaining a respectful attitude. Following our trip to the chruch, we headed to a very large cemetery. Entering the cemetery, Aaron was called out by a police officer. Joel, as a good friend told the police offficer, “No hablo español” , the police officer was intimidated by Joel’s broken spanish and ended up letting them go. Both Aaron and Joel quickly ran away. After rejoining the group, we quickly ran through the maze of the tomb houses. While wandering the maze, we noiticed a knock on a tomb house. Intrigued by this, Aaron knocked. The creaking of the door spooked all of us and ended with 6 teenagers running from a creaking door. Finishing the journey through the maze of tombs, we then proceeded to the market, where several of us bought souvenirs. While walking down the street, we happend to come across a very muscular image. The glistening muscles in the picture quickly clicked in our head as we immidiately thought of Austin’s grandé muscles. After the quick trip to the market, we headed to the barcelona stadium.
Unfortunately the price to enter the stadium was very expensive, turning many people away. Inside we had a great view of the soccer stadium. During the time at the stadium, Joel left his water bottle there. After the visit at the soccer stadium, we headed to the flea market where there were several muscians and shops. After regrouping from shopping, a Stellae Boreales member had their phone stolen. This is a reminder to us that as we are in a forgein country, we have little to what we may expect, such as the loss of technology or personal information. Next we headed to the Casa Rosadale, where we witnessed a stunning performance by the guards of Buenos Aires, thus concluding the 6 hour tour.
Arriving back at the hotel, we then headed out for dinner at Rio Alba. When waiting for the enourmas platters of meat, Adam feasted on the large pieces of bread. When the main course came, we all dove into the pile of meat but resulted in only half of what we ordered,  eaten. Only Adam with his monterous appetite was still breaking down on the rich, juicy pieces of meat.
All in all the day was great, as we had the opportunity to explore the city and eat exquisite food.