A pedagogue not to be missed – Margot Jewell

Teacher’s Corner: by Lance Elbeck A pedagogue not to be missed! Margot Jewell is coming to OSS next week. She will be a teacher/trainer for our faculty, Saturday, February 17 – […]

The Bermuda Triangle

Teacher’s Corner:      by Megan Graham The Suzuki Triangle should not be confused with the Bermuda Triangle. Unlike the Bermuda Triangle where everybody gets lost, the Suzuki Triangle makes sure […]

Musical Memorization and Setting Priorites

Teacher’s Corner:     by Adam Cicchillitti The Importance of Musical Memorization and Setting Priorities for Long-Term Learning As most of you already know, memorizing music is fundamental to the Suzuki philosophy. […]

Visit from Maestro Alexander Shelley

Teacher’s Corner:  by Nan Laurenzio On Monday, March 20, Ottawa Suzuki Strings had the distinct pleasure of hosting the music director of the National Arts Centre, Maestro Alexander Shelley. Maestro […]

Musicians Are Athletes

Teacher’s Corner:  by Sarah Williams Musicians Are Athletes Musicians use their bodies extensively while playing. There are some instruments that are more naturally positioned for the body, such as the […]

People don’t go to many concerts anymore

Teacher’s Corner: by Lance Elbeck *People don’t go to many concerts anymore. * These days parents, especially with younger children, are often reluctant to make the trek to the NAC […]

Being a part of Ottawa Suzuki Strings

Teacher’s Corner by Sara Mastrangelo Being a part of Ottawa Suzuki Strings is the best gift you can give your child.  In particular, I would like to focus on one […]


Teacher’s Corner: By Lisa Moody External versus internal motivators in a parent’s desire for their children to learn a musical instrument If you are like me, as a parent of […]

Having fun in the classroom!

Teacher’s Corner: by Adam Cicchillitti Having fun in the classroom! Though most of you intrinsically understand the importance of having fun during the music lesson, there are often moments of […]

My Students’ Memories

Teacher’s Corner by Lance Elbeck As a former symphony musician now retired and teaching in Ottawa I’m continually impressed with the amazing memories displayed by the students at our school. […]


Teacher’s Corner    by Nan Laurnzio A few thoughts this week about rhythm… Rhythm is one of the most important elements of music. You may be able to read the notes […]

Enjoy a Live Concert at the NAC!

Teacher’s Corner     by Elaine Klimasko As I regularly perform on stage with the National Arts Centre Orchestra, I search the audience to see if there are any familiar faces and […]

Practicing with our Child

Teacher’s Corner:   By Christopher Barham One of the beautiful opportunities in practicing with one’s child in a regular way is 1:1 time together. Naturally during these sessions there can be […]

The Routine

Teachers’ Corner by Sara Mastrangelo Every autumn, families settle into a routine.  Violin and guitar lessons, ballet classes, homework, soccer; it all gets juggled around like pieces of a jigsaw […]